Sunday, March 13, 2011

Convergence - and a Song Called "Skinny"

Sometimes things happen for a reason. I started a class called Digital Narratives in January 2011. At the same time, my husband, decided he needed to "fill some holes" in his life by contacting one of his friends that he hadn't spoken to in a long time.

During the time they hadn't spoken, Mike's friend Jon had been creating a lot of music and brought over multiple CDs of the songs we hadn't heard. This one song stuck in my head and I couldn't get it out. At first I was annoyed with a section of the song, but after I heard it a couple of times, I guess I "got it."

I sat down at my computer the Sunday before my class started and created this video. I yelled to my husband from my office "What's the name of that song? I need to find it on our iTunes!" He yelled back, "I don't think it has a name, it's Track 7." So, I decided it was going to be called "Skinny." I'm not sure if that's what Jon was going to call it, but that's its name now.

So here's my first digital narrative project - while it is not a personal story, I think the lyrics tell a story and the images give the lyrics meaning. I used images that are out there in the webosphere to illustrate the lyrics in this song.


"Skinny" music by Jon Liebing, video by Lynne Browne

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